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Precision Grade Aircraft Parts

Precision Grade Aircraft Parts

Developing parts for the aerospace industry is different from other CNC machining processes because of the tight tolerances and rigid metals needed to withstand the extreme conditions of flight. The material used in this process must be lightweight, temperature resistant, and above all, highly durable. At H&H Precision, Inc. in Haslet, TX, our technical skills and services can be implemented in various industries, including aerospace engineering. Our high-quality facilities and experienced professionals play an important role in providing industry-leading parts and components that contribute to the mission and values ​​of our clients while helping them achieve unique project goals. Our team is always ready to work with customers to develop certain aircraft components and parts. With our care, accuracy, and competence, every component is produced with unmatched quality.

The Importance of Extreme Accuracy

With our state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, we can offer you the advantage of custom machining tolerances that are accurate down to +0.0001 in. to meet all your toughest design requirements. We understand that dimensional accuracy is very important when designing and fabricating anything that will be used on an aircraft, and we can provide that accuracy at competitive prices. Our ability to make complex geometric parts is the result of decades of experience and specialized machining capabilities.

If a normal CNC machine shop determines that your exact aerospace requirements cannot be met, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our friendly staff will work with you to design every detail and produce quality products that meet your specifications and requirements. We are a leader in the CNC industry and offer exceptional services that provide exceptional results. We have the best CNC machining equipment and decades of experience to help us face and overcome challenges that cannot be overcome by other machining companies.

Meeting Each Challenge Head-On

CNC machining in the aerospace industry produces parts that are used for the assembly and maintenance of aircraft and need to be extremely precise to ensure optimal performance in extreme conditions. Regardless of whether you’re looking for hinges, bushings, manifolds, brackets, or other special parts, aerospace equipment and aircraft parts require the best precision that can be achieved using high-quality metal to function properly.

Industry-Leading Expertise

With all the complexity involved in the fabrication of aerospace parts, good quality control is always needed. Our team has advanced inspection equipment and experienced quality control inspectors. In this way, we can ensure that we can provide 100% quality parts to our customers. By using a CAD model to automate the CMM process, we not only speed up the review process but also provide the highest level of quality control.

When dealing with aerospace parts and products, we are prepared to ensure that all of our work complies with multiple standards and requirements. A variety of industry standards are stored in our document management system, and we are accustomed to checking many specifications and standards for each part we produce. Additional order requests are also easy to process and maintain. We have document security management for each of our clients to protect confidential information when needed.

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H&H Precision Machining captures your vision and turns it into a finished product with perfect dimensions and long-lasting durability. We begin each project by consulting with you and looking at your sketches or samples to get a clear understanding of your project goals and expectations. As soon as we know the specifications and quantities that you need, we will offer you a price and delivery time. We can also make prototypes on request. Then, place your order and we will start working.

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