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H&H Precision Machining takes your vision and turns it into a finished product with perfect measurements and steadfast durability. We start each project by consulting with you and examining your sketch or sample part.  Once we know the specifications and quantity you need, we will present you with a quote that includes price and lead time. We’ll also create a prototype on request. Then you simply place your order, and we get to work! 


CNC Parts Manufacturing

Our skilled machinists use cutting-edge CNC technology to customize stock pieces, producing the intricate parts you need for your project.

Precision Grade Aircraft Parts

We expertly manufacture precision-formed custom components, assemblies, and parts for aerospace and industrial applications.

Custom Aftermarket Auto Parts

Are you looking for custom car parts? We produce high-performance, customized auto parts for your vehicle’s engine, exterior, and much more.

Brackets and Connectors

Our experienced machinists manufacture accessories that are built to last, like brackets, connectors, and anything else you need for your project.

Hose Fittings & Fuel System Parts

Your fuel system’s performance depends on perfect hose ends and fittings. We produce components with a perfect fit every time.

Custom CNC Pulleys and Sprockets

Our customized pulleys and sprockets will increase the life of your motion control system, no matter what kind of machinery you have.

CNC Billet Valve Covers

Custom CNC billet valve covers add a special touch to your engine. Add some shine and personality under your vehicle’s hood!

Custom CNC Production Machine Shop

We are a full-service custom machining shop offering rapid prototypes and fast quotes for your project. Call us today!

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