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Custom Pulleys and Sprockets

Custom Pulleys and Sprockets

Both pulleys and sprockets are utilized as reliable methods of transmitting rotational energy when gears just won’t get the job done. A sprocket is a wheel with specific projections along the outside diameter that will mesh with a chain or belt. Pulleys are generally defined as wheels with a specialized groove that allows a rope or cable to ride smoothly. Pulleys can be categorized by the type of belt associated with them. For example, a timing belt pulley will contain ridges that are designed to mesh precisely with the teeth on a timing belt. Flat belt pulleys do not contain jagged teeth because they are used with similarly smooth belts.

Our team of experienced welders and CNC machinists has worked with clients throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area for years on a wide variety of projects, including custom pulleys and sprockets. We specialize in manufacturing custom, high-precision pulleys and sprockets, and offers a variety of designs and sizes that meet your requirements. Our experienced professionals can help you identify the right products you need to bring your project to life.

Design a Finished Product that is Just Right for Your Needs

CNC machining is often considered to be one of the most important processes in the modern manufacturing world. From the production of computer components and fasteners to auto parts and aerospace components, CNC machining can create a wide variety of precise, high-quality components that are full customized to meet exacting demands. Without the unique high-tech capabilities of CNC machines, some projects would not even be possible.

Our CNC machines are programmed by our in-house team according to the exact specifications of each client we work with. We also have extensive experience in a variety of related fields including machine design, reverse engineering, and metal production processes. The skills and decades of experience has given us the knowledge and resources we need to help our clients turn their ideas into reality.

Pulleys and Sprockets Produced Just for You

Professionally designed and produced custom pulleys and sprockets can make a surprising difference in any system they are a part of. We are committed to always striving to produce parts that exactly meet your requirements. Our design team will work with you to ensure the finished products meet your expectations so that you can move forward successfully. Over the years we have worked with various clients on a number of projects. This experience and success has helped us improve our work to deliver the best possible results.

The Advantage of CNC Machining

It can be surprisingly difficult to find the right pulley or sprocket to exactly match the needs of your project. In such situations, the best answer is to work with an experienced CNC machining team to design special parts that meet your requirements. Because of the flexibility of our equipment and expertise, we were able to design customer-specific pulleys and sprockets with industry leading quality and precision. If you can imagine the part you need, we can help you.

CNC Pullets and Sprockets in Haslet, Texas

With years of experience in the metal fabrication industry, our team can work with you to capture your vision and turn it into a finished product of perfect size with long-term durability. We begin each project by consulting with you and reviewing your sketches or samples to get a clear understanding of the goals and expectations of your project. As a team committed to ensuring that everyone who works with us receives the satisfaction they deserve, we are always ready to work with you to optimize designs and adjust or add additional customization concepts as needed. We can also produce prototypes on request. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or start your own project immediately.

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